Uses of mysqladmin with a remote server

6 January 2009

This is how you can use the mysqladmin tool with a remote MySQL server.

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MySQL commands for a developer

4 January 2009

Α reference of some common MySQL commands useful to a developer.

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Copy a database to another MySQL instance

11 November 2008

We want to copy a whole database along with its tables and data to another MySQL instance.

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MySQL σε 3 λεπτά

17 May 2008

Αυτό το άρθρο είναι ένας γρήγορος οδηγός MySQL.

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MySQL in 3 minutes

9 May 2008

This is a quick-start MySQL tutorial. You’ll create a simple database and do some useful read / write operations.

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MySQL dalam 3 menit

9 May 2008

Pelajaran pendek ini tentang MySQL dasar. Sebentar lagi kita akan membuat sebuah basis data yang sederhana dan berguna.